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The year 2007 has been a great for Jack Allsopp aka Just Jack who broke through into the mainstream with a number 2 single, that was used as the intro on the BBC’s Glastonbury coverage and a top ten album with his soulful funky garage style. His lyrics are well observed and intelligently written.  However, 2007 has seen spend most of his time spent on the road including visits to numerous festivals.  So like a footballer who has done one too many games in the season but know that they have to put on one good final performance in front of home fans (Jack is a Londoner), Jack and his band arrived for their ‘end of season’ gig at Shepherd’s Bush Empire like true pros. However, the Jack that emerged on stage was not the bouncy energised Jack I saw at London’s Wireless festival this summer. The show opened up with “Life Stories”  followed by “Writers Block”. These and the other tracks such as “Glory Days” in the first half were performed competently enough  but like a champagne that had been left out too long lacked a little sparkle. Nor did the rather dingy lighting help matters, especially for those seated in the upper two balcony levels of the theatre. Of interest, to those who had not heard not heard them before, Jack also performed a couple of tracks from his little known first album. Jack professed to only slowly warming to accoustic music and there, was, indeed, an interesting accoustic version of “Hold On”.  Then something remarkable happened. Encouraging a bit of crowd of participation with everyone waving there hands furiously like windscreen wipes, rather like a “game of two halves” the gig was transformed and energised along with Jack.  The funkiest beats had been saved for the second half. By the time, “I talk too much”, “Goth in a an Disco”, “No Time” and  “Disco Friends” came on, most of the Empire crowd were up on their feet, dancing and cheering (and believe me if you have ever been to Shepherds Bush Empire, you will know what a special experience that is, for both artist and audience). With everyone bouncing up and down  to Starz in their Eyes at the end of the show, even the balconies could be felt to move. The song nearly brought the house down literally. At the end, it was nice to see Jack back to his old perky self and his was clearly moved by the reception he received. When he has finshed the four shows he left to do in Europe this coming week, he can kick back,finally put his feet up and reflect on a year in which his sunny tunes and live performances gave thousands up and down a real feelgood factor.