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Evanescence, Hammersmith Apollo, Saturday 5th November



In a week when their self titled new album went to No.1 in the US, Hammersmith Apollo theatre in London  was the venue to welcome back Evanescence after an absence of 4 years to UK shores.    Amy Lee, costumed as strikingly as ever came on stage in a black sleeveless top, purple tutu and goth boots. Commencing with the first track on the new album, What You Want, was a great re-introduction to the raw power of the group and the heartful piercing angst of Amy Lee’s voice.  This was followed up with the distinctly gothic and ethereal “Going Under”  in which Lee’s beautiful soprano voice  held extended notes  that could  be said to have  almost transformed perfectly pitched howls or wails. Weight of the World – the 3rd number played, had a kind of metal meets dramatic folk feel . You could have imagined the group “All about Eve “would have sounded similar had they had the metal guitar riffs behind them. Julianne Regan would be proud.

This concert was of course airing tracks from the new album and about two thirds of the tracks from that album were played making up about half the concert. They packed up a punch.  A mid section of the gig saw 4 played back to back – “The Change”, “Made of Stone”, “Lost in Paradise” and  “My Heart is Broken”. These last two had Lee demonstrating her deft skills as a classically trained pianist.

In general, the volume from the concert was loud – very loud making it into my top 5 loudest of all time but Lee’s voice was more than a match for the powerful grinding metal riffs.  The pace was quite constant and frenetic barely dying down and only at moments when Lee at the piano for ballads.


Throughout the concert the rest of the band remained more or less in place letting Amy march around the stage only breaking to go behind her keyboards stage left and the piano that was wheeled as required. There was not that much chat from Amy except to thank the fans for putting the band where they are now.

The set featured a fair smattering of tracks from the first two albums towards the end of the gig : Lithium ,  Good Enough , Call me when you’re sober from and Your Star  “The Open Door”  and “Imaginary” from  “Fallen”.

Predictably, the crowd exploded when “Bring Me Back to Life” brought the main set to a close. The sweetly sentimental song “My Immortal” brought the encore down to a relaxed conclusion and gave my ears a well rest from the battering volume. That said, Amy Lee’s voice was mesmerizing and at times felt like an emotional pic twanging away on the strings of your heart.