Hi all. I live in London, UK. And as a lover of live music, part time blogger and sometime contributor to Blues and Soul magazine, I hope to bring on this site gig and concert reviews from this wonderful city, which one of THE music hubs of the world. Enjoy!

  1. Hi

    My name is Brendon Veevers and I am the Editor of an Entertainment website called RenownedForSound.com.

    I wanted to reach out to you as I came across your website recently and was impressed with the live review work you have published.

    I have been writing and interviewing entertainment figures over the past few years for various publications in the UK and the US and recently launched my own website which is really starting to take off. I am currently looking for regular contributors in the UK and the US who are keen to write regular reviews for RenownedForSound.com.

    I am based in California however the vast majority of review submissions come from the UK having worked as a Freelance writer for the past few years. I will soon be locating to Sydney, Australia and will be growing the website in Australia over time and therefore covering all 3 markets so I am currently expanding the team to cover releases and events from within these territories.

    Though the Contributor positions at RenownedForSound.com are unpaid, there can be a lot of perks that come with writing on the site including albums releases, concert tickets and the opportunity of meeting some great industry figures.

    I am currently looking for writers to contribute reviews for music releases (albums and singles), concerts and film releases.

    If joining the team at RenownedForSound.com is of interest to you, please do get in touch and we can discuss further.



    • londongigger says:

      Hi Brendon,

      Apologies it has taken so long for me to get back to you. I have been very busy at work doing year end. But yes I would definitely be interested. I don’t tend to review albums. I specialize in the live music genre but let me know what you had in mind.

  2. Celina says:

    Hello Darren – I’m trying to reach you to invite you to a show at The Jazz Cafe. Send me your contact info and I will send you the info 🙂 Celina

    • londongigger says:

      Apologies, for not coming back sooner I’ve been a bit out of commission recently with my day time job. Thanks for you invite but I imagine the event has already passed.


  3. Mike Wyatt says:

    Hi there,

    I have a concert coming up at The Finsbury this October the 22nd (free entry) and would love to send an invite your way. It’s mostly an acoustic/folk kind of night but my set is more bluesy/acoustic inspired so I believe you would be interested.

    My name is Mike Wyatt by the way. My email is mikewyattmusic@gmail.com so any questions feel free to ask. I hope to see you there, the night kicks off around 8pm.


    Mike Wyatt

  4. Ramy says:

    Hi Darren, I have details of a show on November 27th I’d like to forward to you if you’re available. Do you have a contact email please?

  5. Hi Darren,

    Would you be interested in doing a review of Tom Staniford’s at the O2 Islington tomorrow night?

    If so, please let me know and i’ll pop you on the guest list. Check him out at http://www.tomstaniford.com but below is a bit more info on Tom and his current UK tour.

    1st Dec – Manchester Deaf Institute
    2nd Dec – Birmingham Glee Club
    3rd Dec – Bristol Hydra Books
    4th Dec – London O2 Islington
    6th Dec – Lalas Cafe

    Here’s a bit about Tom

    After a successful 14 date UK tour with Mike Dignam Tom Staniford sets off for one last run of shows this year on his much anticipated headline tour.

    His two self released EPs have already earned him national airplay with BBC 6 Music, endorsement with Freshman Guitars (Ben Howard), and a main stage slot at Beach Break Live alongside The Maccabees and Friendly Fires.

    Tom’s debut single ‘Elizabeth’ demonstrates a sound similar to Jeff Buckley and Ben Howard – haunting but undeniably up lifting.
    Check out the music video herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijPIUSKe6rM

    “Listen to his EP and if you are not captured immediately, I beg you to see Tom play live” – Hi! Magazine

    “One of the finest male vocalists we have encountered thus far” – SQ Magazine

    Hope to hear back from you soon.


    • londongigger says:

      Really sorry, I was not able to reply sooner to this. Unfortunately, I have been busy with an important project for my daytime job so have not managed to do much reviewing in December. please feel free to contact me in the future should anything come up.

  6. Pola says:

    Hi there!

    I am very happy to announce that everything for Open Mic Night in Broadway Bar and Grill is ready and we’re starting next Saturday, which is February 15th! First night will be hosted by brilliant Benjamin Yellowitz, which I am very excited about!

    It would be great to see you there!
    Also, I’d really appreciate if you’d also let your friends know about this event -> https://www.facebook.com/events/1431261350444778/
    After Open Mic we’re having DJ to carry on with the evening of great music!

    Hope to see you there at 7pm!


  7. Matt Burn says:

    Hi Dude,

    We (Black Sixteen) are curating a night showcasing some of London’s up and coming Alternative Rock acts, and were hoping for an inclusion in your listings.

    Would you be interested in sending a reviewer/photographer to the show at all?

    The night is being held at the Unicorn in Camden on the 25th of July.

    Entry is free.

    The link to the Facebook event is https://www.facebook.com/events/636528606415715/?fref=ts

    Please find more details regarding the night below

    Kind Regards

    Matt @ B16


    SOMEWHAT DAMAGED: A new night of LOUD alternative noise from the underground.

    On Friday the 25th of July some of London’s rawest alternative bands take over The Unicorn in Camden for a night that bites. Featuring sets from:

    The Dogbones (Onstage 10.15pm – 10.45pm):

    A primal, sneering, garage punk animal chewing on a candy cane bone of pop with enough catchy choruses to choke a pig. Buzzsaw guitar, tribal groove bites punk rock drumming and a girl with ants in her pants. This band is LOUD.


    Black Sixteen (Onstage 9.30pm – 10.00pm):

    Moving forward as a three-piece with a harder stripped down sound, their early style of delicately heavy rock has evolved into a venomous form of dark grunge noise, a bitter tongued pill that burns on the way down. Destroy something beautiful today.


    Dumbjaw (Onstage 8.45pm – 9.15pm):

    Fresh from a performance at Download, with an average height of about 5’7″, slightly scruffy and very LOUD… a mangled wreckage of alternative indie, rock ‘n’ roll and punk. Dumbjaw loves making your ears bleed.


    The Voodoo Binmen (Onstage 8pm – 8.30pm):

    Two amazing idiots from London, who make as much noise and go as mental as they can. They regularly and professionally hurt, disgust and embarrass themselves all at once, if you like punk rock and “you’ve been framed” this is your band.


    ***FREE ENTRY***

    The Unicorn Camden Live
    227 Camden Road, London, NW1 9AA

    Friday 25th July 2014.



    Find Black Sixteen online at:


  8. Hi!

    We were wondering if you’d be interested in coming down to one of our shows next month? We are a guitar, bass, banjo and mandolin wielding four piece from London and our music blends Folk, Americana, Bluegrass and Pop. We are currently no. 77 on the iTunes UK singer / songwriter chart solely from our own promotion and word of mouth and are hoping with a review from you we can climb a bit higher!

    We mainly gig in London but have played some festivals across the UK this summer including the Folk Room stage at Home Farm Festival, Strawberry Fair in Cambridge and the Ramsbottom Festival. In recent months, we also shared the stage with legendary musician Buzz Cason, to enthusiastic responses. We’d love to invite you to one of our gigs if you have the time. Let us know if you’re available for any:

    Sun 19th October – Kiss The Sky, Crouch End
    Sun 26th October – The King’s, Islington
    Thurs 11th December – The Icarus Club, Greenwich

    If you are interested in giving us a listen, please click on the link below. Let us know if you would like any further info:

    We understand you usually review higher profile gigs but if you fancy checking out some smaller scale Americana/Bluegrass, it’d be great to see you there!

    Many thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon,

    Forty Elephant Gang


    • londongigger says:

      Hi there, Yeah, I’d love to come along. I don’t always review well known acts. Sometime I do up and coming artists. I will let you no on the date as I’m about to go away for a week. I’ll be in touch.

  9. Forty Elephant Gang says:

    Great, we’d love to see you there! Speak soon.

  10. Nick Cave says:

    The Vex check out this gig Saturday 7th Feb –

    Hi Darren check out the link for this gig hope you can make it – Hoping 2015 will be a big year for the guys and this is building up to one of those ” I was there gigs ”


    The Vex are a 4-piece band from South London, formed in Jan 2012, and known for smart punk-influenced lyrics, a ridiculous commitment to gigging, and high-energy performances. The Vex have Just Joined Alabama 3’s Hostage Music – and will be Releasing De-Construct E.P early 2015 – Building up to EP Release Which will be preceded with free weekly downloads – looking for festival gigs through- out the summer after EP Release

    Camden Rocks festival have called them “the best live band from London”, whilst Carl Barat of the Libertines recently described them in NME as “the best live band I’ve seen in a long time.”

    Contact: Please contact band rep Nick Cave nick.cave@frisco.co.uk or nick_knm@yahoo.co.uk Phone – 07917035441

    The Vex Music:

    Martyr http://soundcloud.com/thevexofficial/martyr

    The Shift http://soundcloud.com/thevexofficial/the-shift-1

    The Law of Cause and Effect http://soundcloud.com/thevexofficial/thelawofcauseandeffect

    Invictus http://soundcloud.com/thevexofficial/invictus-2






    Latest Gigs

    Sat 8th November – Greenpeace Benefit gig – Worlds End – Finsbury Park

    Sat 15th November – Purple Turtle- Camden With The Din

    Fri 5th December support for Alabama 3 @ The Institute Birmingham

    Fri 12th December – Nambucca – Holloway road – with Arms

    Next Gig

    Sat 7th February @ Roos studios

    The Vex are

    Josh Schwegler (guitar/vocals)

    Jack 0’Shea (guitar/vocals)

    Andrew Atari (bass)
    Joshua de Facto (drums)


    I had the good fortune of catching The Vex live when they recently supported local heroes The Wholl’s at Bedford Esquires. They walked on stage and stood there with their backs to the crowd and started to play and as they started to play I smiled. Why was I smiling you ask? Well that’s simple. It’s because these guys play Rock n Roll the way it’s meant to be played – loud, brash, fast & dripping with attitude!!

    They strut their stuff on stage, ooze confidence & London attitude. These guys are as cool as penguins piss and they know it! Their sound appears to draw influence from bands like The Clash, The Jam & The Damned but despite the legendary bands listed they are by no means a carbon copy & they most definitely bring their own modern twist to the table.

    I go to lots of gigs and it is very rare that a band will have my jaw on the floor but The Vex managed to do this! Jim, What-Music

    Single of the Week http://www.artrocker.tv/singles/article/singles-for-the-week-starting-4th-march

    The Vex’s debut single ‘Martyr’ is quick, sharp and with fewer wasted notes than a Ramones guitar lesson and clocking in at a fat trimming 1 min 59 it’s a track that hasn’t got time to waste itself on extended outros or face melting guitar solos, this is a sonic hit and run.

    Inspired by the recent Pussy Riot court case in Russia The Vex are carrying the torch and tradition of groups such as The Clash without resorting to the empty sixth form political posturing of their later days, instead they are providing a soundtrack to the day-to-day news stories without trying to “bring down the government man!”, instead they’ll just provide the soundtrack while it falls all by itself. Get it. Chris Lancaster, Artrocker Magazine



  11. Hi,

    We’re playing KOKO on friday and were wondering if you would like to come along. Can get you on our guest list.

    if you want to listen to a track you can here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5lDZjEcZSQ

    Let me know on hello@wintersisland.co.uk


    1/3 Winters Island

  12. Hi Darren!

    My band are playing at Passing Clouds on Friday 20th February. We’d love it if you could come. I describe our sound as Tropical Soul. Here’s a little of what it sounds like:

    You can find more info and contact details on my website too: http://www.hollyholdenmusic.com

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  13. Matt says:

    I would love to have you join us this Thursday (14th May) for an exciting new music showcase at The Good Ship in Kilburn, London. If you would like to come along please email press@digitalbc.co.uk with names for the guest list or hit us up on the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/669642156498765/
    We are reaching out to key influencers such as yourself to come down and experience the event which you may then wish to review. If you cannot make it on Thursday but can share the event listing that would be super cool. Cheers, Matt.

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