The Boss bosses London at Hardrock Calling, Live review of Bruce Springsteen at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, UK, Sunday 30th June, 2013

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The Boss at London's Hard Rock Calling, Sunday 30th June 2013

The Boss at London’s Hard Rock Calling, Sunday 30th June 2013

In a 3 hour show that never paused for breath, Bruce Springsteen, who, last year at the same festival, had the plug pulled somewhat ignominiously by overzealous official for having gone over his allotted time, produced an uplifting show that veered between American powerhouse and tunes that almost had a spiritual edge like opening number “ Shackled and Drawn”. The concert saw Springsteen reprise several tracks from 2012’s album “Wrecking Ball” – the title track. As a sports fan as well as a music lover I could feel the powerful nostalgia generated in the lyrics for the famous Giants stadium that was demolished in 2010 as well as enjoy the tinges of Irish folk music in the song.

The mid-section of the concert was devoted to playing arguably Springsteen best known international album “Born in the USA” and with such anthemic tunes like “I’m on Fire”, “Glory Days”, “Dancing in the Dark” and “My Hometown” , only someone completely devoid of musical appreciation could have failed to be stirred. The finger salutes, the dancing and the foot stomping blended perfectly with the beautiful sunset over the main stage and the Olympic 2012 velodrome and some glorious crowd singing. This was a triumph.
The nice thing about Bruce Springsteen is that although a global rock giant his humanity shines out, demonstrating as he does, a closeness and lack of pretention with his audience that is rare among performers of this stature. Many times his went down the ramp to be close with the crowd and at one point took a girl on his shoulder up onto the stage. Member of his family were also included with Springsteen doing at one a jam with his sister and a waltz with his mother.

Mum and Son, Springsteen waltzes delightfully with his mother, Hard Rock Calling festival, June 30th 2013

Mum and Son, Springsteen waltzes delightfully with his mother, Hard Rock Calling festival, June 30th 2013

Highlights in the encore, included, “Jungle Land”, a magnificent rendition of “Born to Run” and a full-on Irish knees-up celebration of emigration in “American Land”. This rip roarer contrasted sharply to the low key final acoustic of “My Luck Star”.
This was the first time I had ever seen Springsteen in concert. What I saw was a genuine entertainer who draws in the crowd with the sheer joy of sharing his music. The E-street band was also fabulous and the jamming intercourses between the musicians and Springsteen were a sight to behold. It is not hard to see why he is rightly called The Boss.


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