Kristina Train’s rapturous London reception proves she’s right on track -Live Review from Bush Hall, London, Tuesday 5th March 2013

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Kristina Train at London's Bush Hall, March 5th 2013

Kristina Train at London’s Bush Hall, March 5th 2013



Though still relatively unknown to the wider music buying public in the UK,  London based, American born Kristina Train will not rest in the shadows for long.  Having toured in the last 4 years such artists as Chris Isaak, Herbie Hancock and Amy McDonald and having recently signed with Mercury records you get the impression that this singer is on the cusp of bigger and better things.

In the Bush Hall, a decorative former dance hall built in 1904, this was confirmed. Kristina gave the 200 or so crowd, a pastiche of sixties influenced songs that could have been inspired by the songbooks of Nancy Sinatra, Mama Cass, Petula Clark or Karen Carpenter on a more sombre day.  With the exception of two numbers, the songs were all from Kristina’s second album Dark Black, some of which reflects a difficult period in her life around 2009 with personal bereavement and divorce as well as coming to terms with the commercial failure or her first album.

Indeed, though supported by 4 extremely able band members, playing keyboard, drum, bass and guitar who achieved the remarkable feat of simultaneously looking intense and chilled out as perhaps only those well studied in 60s festival folklore could, Kristina  arrived on the small stage slightly pensive  and detached during the opening number “Dream of Me”.

Kristina Train & chiled out band, Bush Hall, London, March 5th 2013

Kristina Train & chiled out band, Bush Hall, London, March 5th 2013

Wearing what appeared to be a chiffon taffeta 1970s hippy style full dress, she would soon relax as the crowd began to enthusiastically cheer after and sometimes during every song.

At times, there was definitely a sense of nostalgic loss and longing with songs like “Pins and Needles”, “No One’s Gonna Love You” and “Saturdays”.  There were also a couple of non-album tracks with an interesting version of The Stranglers “Golden Brown” and “Wish You Me”.  During “Stick Together”, Kristina gave vent to her lower vocal range with a passionate and raw impromptu chorus very different to the sweet angelic album version.

As she got into the concert there were several amusing anecdotes including one about how she came to write the song called LA, written about dreaming escaping the cold New York winters to live in the sunny town. So, she said .. “what did I do … I ended up coming to London”… , a comment that provoked much laughter in the audience. 

The title album track “Dark Black” and in a short encore “January” ended an intimate show where Kristina and the band received a rapturous reception. Kristina looked quite delighted and it must be said, a little amazed. I’m not sure why as judging on this performance, there is a lot more to come from her, hopefully.


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