Retrospective : Concerts of 2009 – Natasha Khan proves to be High Priestess of the Elements. Bat for Lashes – Somerset House, London, Thursday 16th July 2009,

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In what should have been the idyllic mid-summer setting of the resplendent neo-classical Somerset House, Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes had to contend with the full fury of the elements just as her show began. She and the crowd, many of whom did have umbrellas or waterproofs, had to contend with torrential rain, wind and at some points nearby lightning, which I am sure was the special effect intended, yet both singer and crowd proved equally resilient, sticking it out to the last.
The show opened with the haunting drum thumping “Trophy” that owes more than a nod to the influence of Björk. After that the show went quickly into works from latest acclaimed album “Two Suns”.  The lyrics from “Glass” could have come straight out of a fantasy novel and the music proved equally ethereal. Khan voice was truly awesome, especially when she hit the top end of the range. It was pure cut crystal. “Sleep Alone” could only be described as a piece of ambient electro –romanticism. For “Moon and Moon” and “Siren’s Song” Natasha returned to the piano for these soaring ballads, the latter of the two finishing with dramatic glorious piano crescendo. The singer, backed by her excellent band, returned periodically to past work such as the harpsichord inspired “Horse and I” and “The Wizard.  And indeed, dressed in a silver, purple and red cape, dark pvc and slightly shimmery looking one piece with long lengths of fur coming off the arms, she could have been taken for one. But as she performed little hops skips and jumps, around the stage for the most danceable her of her repertoire “Pearl Dream”, she more likely resembled a new age High Priestess invoking the elements. The elements did finally stop for the last song at which point Khan expressed herself grateful as finally seeing everyone’s face. Current best known song the darkly romantic “Daniel” finished off the sodden proceedings leaving everyone to reflect on what a brilliant show they had seen. Next time I see Bat for Lashes, though, it will be undercover.

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