Whitney Houston’s Gone – I’m devastated.

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I sit here writing this , still trying to take  in the news I heard on Sky at 2am last night.  I’m still in shock, feel sick to the stomach and cannot help thinking, oh my god here we go again – another talent taken away before their time and another loss to the music world. Whitney, of course has had a well publicized battle against drugs but its not known as I write this whether drugs were the cause. The news is reporting prescription drugs were found but this is pure speculation. What is clear is that someone who was a true star and by all accounts a decent human being has been taken away.  I suppose it has hit me particularly because I’m in the same generation.

Although, I’m more rock orientated, I am all-round music lover.  Whitney was one of the artist I grew up with in the  early-mid eighties clubbing scene in London. She wasn’t the only one, of course: there were other top class acts such as Steve Arrington, Chaka Khan, Cameo,Alexander O’Neal but none could match the range, control and richness of her Whitney Houston voice at her peak.  This is, of course, a personal view and I realise that the R n B genre, which we used to call ” soul” in the 80’s, is not to everyone’s taste but I believe her voice was simply sublime and transcended genres.

 I still have and  listen to Whitney’s second album Whitney and remember those tracks that filled the dance floor every week  like I Wanna Dance with Somebody and Love will Save the Day.  Others will no doubt will remember the ballads and in fact, I am pretty sure I did quite a number of  slow smoochy dances to her tunes at the end of club nights.

It is my biggest regret I never got to see her in concert at her peak. I considered going to see her on her UK 2010 but an acquaintance had  advised me against saying that, unfortunately, that beautiful voice was a shadow of its former self. It turned out to be the right advice as Whitney went into meltdown on the UK leg. I am glad I didn’t witness that.

Instead, I want to remember that vibrant beautiful young woman, that graced our TV’s, airways and clubs in the late 80’s and hope she’s up there making sweet music with Amy and Michael.

As a music lover across genres, thanks for the music you made and the pleasure you gave.





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