Metronomy Review – Live at The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK October 3rd 2011

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Alternative Music, Indie, Popular Music, Rock Music, Uncategorized
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 Masterful Metronomy triumph at the Albert Hall.

 Metronomy, Royal Albert Hall, October 3rd 2010

Considering Metronomy are not well know yet in the main stream, it was a big risk to take on such an August venue at the Royal Albert Hall even at the incredible price of £12.50. The fact that I was in the gods with a slightly awkward position on the side did not detract at all from the incredible atmosphere and excitement generated by group. The support acts included ethereal Arthur Beatrice and Django Django who music sounded like a kind of experimental electro with a primal jungle feel. These two provided credible enough support, albeit to a reduced audience number since most had not come in until the arrival of Metronomy.

Metrononomy themselves practically turned the Royal Albert Hall into giant dance hall from the get go. I had seen Metronomy at the Wireless festival: they were good there but the set was too short and in open air which changes the atmosphere. This performance at RHA was on a different scale and class. What especially impressed was how tight the band was as a unit. Anna Prior, dressed spangly in sequins, was amazing on drums and even sang on “Everything goes my way”. the penultimate number on the set

The only moment that was slightly naff and strangely endearing at the same time was when one of the band – Oscar Cash, I think- declared he never dreamt he’d be performing on the same stage where The Corrs performed in ‘98.

Other than this, it was high quality music most of the way. “The Look” had slinky seductive bass chords and riffs that could come of straight out of a Japan song.  “This Could Be Beautiful” was an ethereal synth and woodwind instrumental.

By the middle of the concert most of the Hall were up on their feet even in the balconies and the 5000 strong resembled a mass of swaying reeds during the numbers like “Corinne”, the boppy Wurlitzer sound of “The Look”. But the serious dancing was reserved for the electrofunky uber cool “The Bay” that even had this seasoned old 40 something blogger moving his stuff in the aisles. And it has to be said Joseph Mount’s voice and lyrics were standout.

Metronomy, playing their biggest ever headline gig in a perfect location have arrived.  This for me was the best concert of 2011 so far and felt myself privileged to witness it. Make no mistake, in these days of bland identikit indie, this group stands as a class act. My advice is get yourself down to a venue and go see them when they are nearby or even travel if you have to.


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